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Samsung Remote, Comcast Cable Box

clicker-medal.jpgToday I tried programming my Samsung remote control to my Comcast cable box. I was trying to achieve two things: toggle the power and change the channel on the device.

I looked at the user manual for my TV (LNT4061F). Neither Comcast nor Motorola were present under the cable box category. I figured the internet would surely have the answer. The first post I came across firmly asserted that this was not possible:

sorry to tell you but it does not work that way.  since the invention of the cable box in the 80’s you cannot use your tv remote anymore.  The best you can do is get a logitech or harmony remote to control the comcast box.    YOu cannot put in any code to your tv remote to work a comcast box it does not work like that.


It boggles my mind that rog286713 was able to achieve the rank of “Bronze Problem Solver” on these forums. From this case, he appears to be the opposite of a problem solver; I’ve never seen someone so wrong in my entire life.

After a little more research, I was able to find the correct answer:

 In the manual for your TV/Remote, if you don’t see Motorola listed as a cable box, look for General Instruments or GI. That is the name of the company Motorola bought a few years ago to get into the cable business.


We need to get andyross promoted to Platinum Problem Solver, because this solved my problem. Code “041″ listed under GI for the Cable Box category worked for my set top box just perfectly.

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  1. Ted writes:

    Any idea if this will work with the Comcast scrambler (the smaller box) that I used for a wall mounted TV?

  2. John writes:

    I’m not sure about that, Ted. I know the smaller boxes use a completely different remote, but I have not tested if they are interchangeable. I will give it a shot and get back to you on that.

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