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TV show predicts future event! Kinda.


This sort of thing probably happens more frequently than I realise, but…

In this episode of That Mitchell and Webb Look,  they make a joke about sentencing Jimmy Savile to three life sentences (we assume he did something bad). I guess it was funny in 2008 because he was widely regarded as a bit of a saint, hero and generally nice guy.

Now, of course, we know he was a serial child rapist - which basically ruins the joke.

I still find it funny though.

2 Responses to “TV show predicts future event! Kinda.”

  1. John writes:

    I wonder if they were targeting him for what was rumored, or if it was sheer chance. Apparently, this was speculated long before his death: http://www.reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom/comments/lt7d8/sir_jimmy_saville_has_died/c2veuff?context=3

  2. Mikuso writes:

    Yeah, it was rumoured. But it’s not unusual for people to suspect creepy celebrities to be child molesters. It has happened before.

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